“This coming weekend, April 21-22, we will be celebrating Good Shepherd Sunday. We need to pray and support our archbishop, ordained priests and also religious who have given up their lives to serve God’s people for His Greater Glory. As priests, we are sinners, yet called to be shepherds to the flock that God wills for us to care for, guide and lead. As such, very importantly, we need your spiritual support. You may do this by offering a “spiritual bouquet” of prayers — Masses, hours of Eucharistic Adoration, rosaries, Divine Mercy chaplets, day(s) of fasting.”

– Msgr Philip Heng

The “Spiritual Bouquet” cards will be made available in church from this weekend to next weekend. Make a pledge to pray for the archbishop, priests and religious, and drop them into the box at the sanctuary or hand them to our hospitality ministers at Mass. The cards will be collated and sent to the person for whom you are praying.