“Our Christmas Symbols” Prayer Cards 2016

Available every week during 2016 Advent and Christmas Seasons only at our Cathedral! “Our Christmas Symbols” prayer cards use simple elements of the Christmas season to invite you to reflect on the mystery of our faith. There are so many glitzy images competing for our attention that we have no time to reflect on the deeper truth of Jesus who is with us. As you come across these images in your busy preparation for Christmas, may you be reminded of God’s presence.

There are three different sections in the prayer cards: The Word of God and reflections of St John Paul ll, I Pray and I Live are to help you live out your prayers. Collect them all and come together with your family and friends during your Christmas and New Year’s gatherings to share about your call to action for the season. Give the cards to your friends to encourage them in their daily lives.

Expect a new card each Sunday to prepare for a more meaningful celebration of the feasts of our Christmas season. A total of six cards will be given out. Do look out for them in subsequent weeks and collect them at the each entrance of our Cathedral!



“Who Am I?” Prayer Card Sets

Available during 2016 Advent and Christmas Seasons only at our Cathedral! These prayer cards describe the moments of 4 persons before and at the birth of our Lord and King – the Innkeeper, Shepherd, Joseph and Mary. All of us have been these persons at different points in time; yes, even Joseph and Mary. Who am I most like at this time in my life? What do I want to do about it?

We hope that you will use the short prayers and scripture verses and carry them in your hearts to become more aware of Jesus’ love for you as you go about your daily living.

Share the cards with your family and friends. Which person has touched you most? Why? What changes do you want to make for Jesus in the new year ahead?