As a part of the Dedication Rites, a certificate card, signed by the Archbishop, was placed together with Relics of the Saints beneath the table of the altar of the Cathedral on 14 February 2017.

Watch video of Archbishop William Goh sealing the card ->

Here is an explanation of the symbols and design of the card, which was designed, handwritten and painted by Jerome Pang.



Middle Card
Hand-written declaration and signature of the Archbishop of Singapore, William Goh, at the bottom.

Left Leaf
Shepherd’s staff, denoting the Good Shepherd leading, protecting or looking for the lost sheep. It also signifies the name of the church, the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd. There is no shepherd depicted because the staff now belongs to the Archbishop and future archbishops who are shepherds of the flock in Singapore.

Right Leaf
The cornerstone found in the grounds of the Cathedral during the repairs and renovation. The stone represents the Church’s sure foundation who is Jesus Christ Himself. He then calls Peter, the Rock to head and lead the Church here on earth and this is passed on to subsequent Bishops.




Left Leaf Top
The Host represents Jesus Christ Himself, His Body, the Bread of Life Who nourishes us the church at the Eucharistic meal He instituted in the New Testament. The three arches represent the Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Right Leaf Top
On the opposite side are the wheat stalks from which the Host is made.

There are seven grains representing the 7 days of creation from the Book of Genesis in Old Testament, the newness of life and freshness of creation, representing the new Cathedral.

Left Leaf Bottom
Diagonally opposite, is the cup, the blood of Jesus, poured, shed and sacrificed for us from the Pascal Mystery in New Testament.

Right Leaf Bottom
On the opposite side are the grapes from which wine is pressed. They represent the twelve tribes of Israel in the Old Testament from which Jesus is a direct descendant from one of the tribes.

Middle Top & Bottom
The green and red lines are the vine and branches. 12 red leaves represent the 12 Apostles, who eventually formed the church of which we are the vines. They are in red because it also represents the martyrs. Green represents freshness and continuous growth of the missionary and evangelical Church, through the People of God.

Salvation History from Old Testament to New Testament crosses to form the Church of today in an unbroken line from the Apostolic Church and our Archbishop confirms and seals this in the Dedication of the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd.

Card-designing and card-making process in action









The artist, Jerome Pang is a St Mary of the Angels parishioner. He is a self-taught artist and conducts the ‘Art In Nature’ series for NParks and the occasional icon-writing.