Mass Timings

Saturday - 4pm, 6pm • Sunday - 8.30am, 10.30am, 6pm

How to attend Mass?

Go to

Select the available Mass you would like to attend

Bring your NRIC/FIN/Passport, smartphone and a backup copy of your booking

Arrive 15-30min before Mass to do the necessary check-ins

*No parking is available

Eucharistic Adoration

The perpetual adoration room is currently closed. You can visit our Adoration livestream 24/7 on our Youtube page.

How to pray?

Close your eyes.
Allow your thoughts to settle. Relax.

Be aware that God’s Spirit is present within you

Ask for graces
Speak to the Lord for the graces and blessings you need
e.g. to love more, to cope with concerns in your life.

Believe that God wants to give you what is best for you.

Meditate and Contemplate – Pray with the Word of God


The Sacrament is currently by appointment only

How to prepare for confession?

Complete Sincerity and Openness 



Confession is a gift, a means of grace, a way to God, and a way back to God. Pray for the Holy Spirit to give you light as you begin your Examination of Conscience.

Contributing to the Cathedral via PayNow

  • Key in UEN: T08CC4024L to ‘Cathedral of the Good Shepherd

  • Key in the amount $

  • Key in the reference ‘Mass Collection

Contributing to the Cathedral via Cheque

  • It can be made to ‘Cathedral of the Good Shepherd

  • Write ‘Mass Collection’ behind the cheque

  • Mail to ‘A Queen Street, Singapore 188533’

Offering up Mass for someone

  • Transfer to Cathedral of the Good Shepherd as above, input reference as ‘Mass Stipend – Your Full Name’
    E.g. Mass Stipend – Michael Tan
    *There is a minimum stipend of S$10 per name per Mass per intention. We will contact you should we need any clarification.

  • If via Paynow, screenshot the successful PayNow transaction for verification. Blank out your bank account details.

  • Email [email protected], subject title: Mass Intention, and include the following:

    • Full name of intended recipient
    • Purpose: Thanksgiving/ Soul/ Special Intention
    • Preferred date and time of Mass
    • Full name of requester, and contact number
    • Attach the screenshot of your successful bank transfer
  • Send in your request at least 2 days before the Mass date so that we can process accordingly