The lectors support the building of a spiritually vibrant community of disciples who seek to be God’s transforming Word to others.

The effective proclamation of the Word of God is an intrinsic and important part of Mass, when the Lord is active and present to the congregation. It is important that all lectors proclaim with reverence and fervour, and with the conviction needed for the Word of God to take root in the hearts and minds of those listening. This involves careful preparation.

To be a lector, you must be:

  • At least 16 years of age
  • In full communion with the Roman Catholic Church, a practising Catholic who has received your First Holy Communion, and/or the Sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation
  • Living a life that befits the ministry to be undertaken
  • Able to proclaim Scripture in a clear voice, which expresses the dignity of the Word, without dramatising and over-exaggerating what is being proclaimed.

Lectors (weekend and Feast Day Masses) are required to:

  • Observe two lector formation sessions and two Masses for their allocated Mass time before they are assigned any formal duties
  • Attend the mandatory weekly formation session to prepare for the weekend that they are due to proclaim at Mass. Only those who are present for the formation session of a given week will be allowed to proclaim the Word at the weekend Mass that follows.
  • Take part in Study Days / Days of Recollection / formation and retreat opportunities organised for the ministry by the Archdiocese or the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd. Lectors should strive to attend a minimum of one of these a year.

Overall co-ordinator: Anne Kingsley-Lee +65 90024234 or [email protected]

Co-ordinators for weekend Masses: Anne Kingsley-Lee (as above) and Anne Markey at +65 97881959 or email [email protected]

Co-ordinator for weekday Masses: Daisy Kho +65 96615051 or email [email protected]