Rector shares about the final preparations for the Dedication Celebrations:

Dear Friends in the Lord,

Dedication Celebrations – Final Preparation to the Historic Celebration!

We are arriving at the final two days of our historic celebration.  Many of our core team members, ministries and volunteers from around the archdiocese are feeling somewhat exhausted, yet excited.  We have each stretched ourselves to the limits, setting aside much of what we have liked to do… I just bumped into one of our core team members who shared, “I better just apply for leave today” as there is so much to do. . . incidentally, another remarked, “When Msgr phones me… I ‘panic’ hehe.  It would mean labouring through the night…”

Yet, in all of what is happening… we are each clear that we labour for the Lord and out of love for Him, and as a Cathedral community, we are forging friendships of great joy in the Lord… Even as nothing is always straightforward and surely there will be differences of opinions and approaches, but in the end… each and every one of us have been working silently and even solemnly…  together as a team, in spite of the strong differences that emerge, but always each with good intentions of giving their best… these have providentially helped us grow even more as “friends in the Lord.”

I look forward to all of you: your family, friends and relatives to come and join this historic celebration of our archdiocese.  This celebration is everyone’s celebration… we all belong to the Mother Church of our archdiocese… There is so much to explore in the different 12 days of celebration that follow the Dedication celebration.  Do come and be part of the exciting celebration… which we surrender and place them in the hands of Mary our Mother to whom we shall seek intercession for all the graces and blessings we need for all that is to happen… in God’s Providential Love and Care.

Meanwhile, let us rejoice and pray that God will bless the ongoing preparations for these celebrations for our archdiocese, headed by His Grace, Archbishop William Goh.  Let us not take for granted that we need to pray for good weather and for the needed inspirations for our archdiocese’s parishes and organisations to be set ablaze with God’s Love and a renewal of our Church in Singapore, through this historic celebration as God-given opportunities to make God’s dreams come true in our beloved archdiocese.

Be part of “Mother Church” and discover the Joy of our Community!

Msgr Philip Heng, SJ

From Cathedral Bulletin 12 Feb 2017