Dedication Celebration Day 4: Youth – WELCOME TO THE FATHER’S HOUSE

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Praise & Worship

Archbishop will address the youth

930pm – 11pm
Adoration, with Confessions and Prayer Ministry.

Come and join us at the Father’s house at this event by the Office for Young People! Unite with us in a night of praise & worship, preaching and Eucharistic adoration at the heart of our Mother Church in Singapore, the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd.

Have you been wanting to reach out to a friend? This is a great opportunity for you to invite them to a gathering of young people, coming together to pray and to enjoy fellowship 🙂

We look forward to seeing you at the Cathedral, dear friends!

There will be young people stationed  at the gates of the Cathedral to welcome people in, say a short prayer and light a candle. All are invited to come and also to bring a friend, Catholic or not, to come into the Cathedral, to say a prayer or to just spend some quiet time, and then to light a candle and place it at the altar. There will also be food and fellowship outside.