Rector shares about the ‘Catholics Come Home’ and ‘Social Mission Day’ programmes in the Dedication Celebrations:

Dear Friends in the Lord,

Dedication Celebrations (Masses) – Catholics Come Home & Preferential Love for the Poor and Needy!

As we approach our Cathedral’s historic celebration, it would be good to reflect on some specific themes of our celebration.  This weekend, let us focus our attention on those who are “suffering”: in their faith and in particular those who have left the Church, and those suffering from economic and emotional pain of being rejected by their families and the secular world – the poor and needy of our society.

Our Christian response must be that of what Christ Our Lord has shown us through His Life; during His Ministries to the people.  Jesus was a man who never failed to pray to His Father.  We are first and foremost called to pray for these people who are in need – spiritually (the “lapsed Catholics”) and the poor and needy.

Our “prayers” are not merely reciting some prayers without the affective love that should rightly well up from our hearts to reach out to these suffering people.  Jesus was always filled with deep Compassion for the suffering people: He healed, forgave their sins, and taught them how to turn to the new way of living the Good News of Salvation.  We are called to put our faith into action.

So we would like to urge you to reflect on who you think you can bring (e.g. family, relative, friends) to the Mass on Thursday 23 FebruaryAlso, we are appealing to your compassionate love for these marginalised poor and needy of society; they too are loved by God, and as disciples of Jesus we too are called to make a significant difference to their lives; do come and support our Cathedral “Social Mission Day” on Sunday 19 February; also visit our archdiocese Caritas Singapore and member organisation booths in the Cathedral compound to learn more about how you too can be part of living the Gospels’ Preferential Love for the Poor that Jesus proclaimed with passion and commitment.

Meanwhile, let us rejoice and pray that God will bless the ongoing preparations for these celebrations for our archdiocese, headed by His Grace, Archbishop William Goh.  Let us not take it for granted that we need to pray for good weather and for the needed inspirations for our archdiocese’s parishes and organisations to be set ablazed with God’s Love and a renewal of our Church in Singapore, through these God-given opportunities.

Be part of “Mother Church” and discover the Joy of our Community!

Msgr Philip Heng, SJ

From Cathedral Bulletin 5 Feb 2017