Over the weekend, Channel NewsAsia published an online article on the Jevon Liew, one of the Cathedral’s long-time volunteers and ‘treasure hunter’. The article also features a video documentary and some great photos of the Cathedral’s artefacts, including ‘before and after’ photos of the restoration.


“There’s a grand wooden armchair that was built specially for the Pope’s 1986 visit to Singapore. Old boxes of religious relics belonging to saints of centuries past. And, lying amid all these carefully labelled historical valuables laid out in the room like an archaeologist’s trove, a wooden pole.

Plain and unremarkable, its 4-metre length has no religious significance. It never belonged to any person of importance. Indeed, its inefficiency made it a great annoyance to church members who had to use it once a year.

And yet, when it came time to clear out Singapore’s oldest Catholic church for major restoration works in 2013, and the pole was tossed into the “throw” pile, one of the volunteers protested.

Jevon Liew, affectionately known to his friends as the karang guni (rag and bone) man, believed it was as much a part of the 173-year-old church’s story as anything else.”

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